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Senraq Headcanon?

Since a lot of people are wondering why Tonraq and Senna lived in such a small place when Tonraq is the brother of Unalaq, the chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

Well I have this headcanon, where Tonraq was betrothed to another woman in the Northern Water Tribe, but he refuse to marry her because he was in love with Senna. Tonraq was supposed to become chief, but his parents got enraged that he didn’t marry the woman of their choice and took him the position of being the heir and gave it to Unalaq.

So then Senna and Tonraq moved to the Southern Water Tribe, where Senna is from, and had Korra.

Then Tonraq’s parents felt ashamed because Korra turned out to be the motherfucking Avatar.

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